S3Stat – Amazon S3 and CloudFront Log Reader

S3Stat – Amazon S3 and CloudFront Log Reader 2

Recently, we ran into the issue where several companies wanted to piggyback onto our companies Amazon S3 storage – the dilemma, how to accurately track individual usage to facilitate client billing. Our first stop was to see if the Amazon S3 billing system shows individual bucket usage – it did not. We were faced with […]

Google Apps Admins and Their Importance

Since the other day I ran into this issue with a client, I wanted to talk about the importance, no the requirement of retaining at all times an extra administrative user on your Google apps account(s)? After all your Google apps admin is the gate keeper to everything Google and you. Without access to your […]

EIG – Service’s Disabled and Accounts Shut Down

This morning a handful of unrelated sites and clients began to report that access to their EIG-owned website hosting companies was not allowing them to log in and had shutdown their hosted services. As we began to probe we found that this is a much bigger issue than a simple forgotten password. EIG (Endurance International […]

Windows 10 Home Edition – For Free From Microsoft

Windows 10 completely free

Windows 10 is a very drastic change for users especially those still running Windows 7, with one of the biggest hidden changes being that you can get a completely legitimate copy directly from Microsoft for free. When it came time to update my movie server, I had tested a couple of different Windows versions via […]

Watch Dog Initialization Error Fix – AVG and Windows 10

Starting Watch Dog Initialization Error Fix

Over the last couple months, my wife’s work computer has been plagued with an issue upon Windows 10 booting, a screen popup up showing the text shown below: Phase 0 : Starting Watch Dog Initialization : Phase 0 : Loading Config. . . (roots, krnl, setup) Phase 0 : Pre initialization events. Phase 0 : […]

Default Passwords are killing our Internets Security

password security

The password in general is both a blessing and a curse – A weak and easily guessed password can leave you vulnerable to attack but a strong password can protect your “castle” but is usually harder to remember – But there is middle ground. What is IoT The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the […]