MacOS Sierra – New Shiny OS – No Big New Features

MacOS Sierra is Apple’s latest version of the Mac operating system, which was released just a few days ago on September 20th and while I would have loved to rave about the newest additional features, there isn’t much that I can find about this system. With that said, let’s take a look at some of […]

IPhone 7: A New Color Is Not an Innovation – Time to Jailbreak

The iPhone 7 is set to launch soon, and I can’t be more underwhelmed. Let me start off by prefacing by saying that I am a huge Apple fan – my phone, my computers, and my tablet are all Apple products. But lately – especially with the upcoming release of the iPhone 7 – I’ve […]

Setting Up Your Email Subscriber List

I’ve had many clients that have chosen at certain points to set up an email subscriber system. The logistics of set up are fairly simple, but it’s the structure behind the scenes that can really make or break the entire process. Basic setup questions: DOUBLE OPT-IN VERSUS SINGLE OPT-IN FOR YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBER LIST What […]

KingSumo Giveaway Adding Categories To Giveaways

Recently, we ran into a problem where we needed the ability to exclude certain KingSumo giveaways that were running from showing up on a primary giveaway rotator we had created. This sounded like a simple enough job – our initial thought was that we could just exclude the ‘X’ category from the slider. However, we […]

xmlrpc.php causing ram leak and mysql to crash

It’s been a busy Sunday morning. I spent the morning troubleshooting a server that was having massive CPU spikes. It was almost constantly around 90% or higher. RAM usage was spilling over to the swap file, consuming the entire swap file, and then crashing MySQL – bringing down the website. What was the culprit? xmlrpc.php […]