Since first joining Battlefield 4 on my Playstation 4 – I quickly learned where my strengths and weaknesses lied and while the gameplay of Battlefield 1 is immensely the same, most of my above-mentioned weaknesses are now dissolved in this next installment of the Battlefield series with a handful of small exceptions during direct soldier combat.

For the most part, I am a support character – whether that support is direct troop support via the medic class or heavy fire support via a tank, I am there for my team and while I love the vehicles I was (in BF4) an average player. But seemingly most of my where my previous weaknesses lied (repairing) in Battlefield 4, in playing the Beta they are almost completely removed, since I can now repair the tank from the confines of the tank – reducing the need of having to dodge and weave as I rush outside of the comfort of the tank to repair it only to get bombarded with sniper fire and grenades. Coupling this with the fact that for the most part unless a handful of teammates gang up on a single tank or another tank directly counteracts – your tank is an unstoppable force.

The only couple of times that I was completely and utter immobilized in the tank was when a bug would occur and remove the crosshairs from showing, which made the tank almost all but useless – especially against other tanks. This issue did not occur in the video below. The only real balance issue I have really encountered is when I lay down a barrage of 50-caliber fire into a charging horse and it keeps coming – even after being pelted by to many bullets to count.