The enemy is not calories when dieting — it’s toxins and what’s in the calories, according to health and wellness expert Peter Greenlaw. Because you can’t get away from toxins, check out his tips to rid your body of toxins


Steve Toth: Welcome everybody to The Mind Body and Soul Show on this absolutely gorgeous Thursday afternoon. I’m your host Coach Steve Toth and also the founder of conscious evolution media on Real Coaching Radio – TV Network and I am happy to announce a very awesome guest this afternoon that’s going to keep us engaged, educated and who knows what else, perhaps he will interrupt us as well because of the way we normally think which may not serve us. So let me introduce Peter Greenlaw he is a health science investigator and a lecturer and much more so we will find out in just a moment. So Peter if I took away all these titles and I just mentioned a couple but I’m sure people have called you many of the titles, what would be left, who is Peter Greenlaw for real?

Peter Greenlaw: Well it’s really Peter Greenlaw the human being that has a thirst for knowledge and discovery that I never even believed I had. 10 years ago I was basically on deaths door step and when conventional means didn’t serve me, I had to look for alternatives and it’s lead me down a path I would’ve never believed. So I would say most importantly that I’m a researcher for all of us. I’m so interested in what’s possible and there are real resolutions out there and that’s primarily what I do. I call myself a researcher of research, so if I took all the titles away, that’s what I do. I was about self-discovery and is it is about self-discovery for myself on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, after we talked this morning, I went to my I call it my writing mind and was doing more and more research I just I find it fascinating about what’s really available I tell people all the time you know what if you didn’t know you think you know, what’s possible? Everything. So that’s a good way to for me to describe myself, I guess.

Steve Toth: Right, yeah. Thank you so… Yeah, I get that you are intuitively I get it because I’m connected to you that you are an excellent educator. And what I’m curious about, Peter, is how do you, and I know that you are probably in front of thousands of people most of the time, but how do you interrupt peoples, not necessarily thinking but have you noticed that people are not paying attention? They are in their own…

Peter Greenlaw: Absolutely, you couldn’t be more correct. Well, they are living their daily lives and they’re thinking that you know somehow they can just get through today and that’s going to be okay. Well that’s not really what’s out there I mean I do interrupt their thinking I mean I always tell them, I say look like today, in this show, I’m not here to scare anyone but I’m here to make you aware because honestly this is really what’s going on and if we just continue to do what we’ve done, well the outcome is going to not be very good based on the science and the statistics that I deal with on a daily basis. So I would say that the biggest thing is, number one, to create awareness to the situation like where are we really today, what’s really going on today? Does that make sense?

Steve Toth: Yeah, absolutely. But before we talk about the solutions, because I know you have probably plenty, let’s talk about the problem. What’s going on with all these diet programs and all the things that we are being sold, brainwashed and I actually feel, Peter, I don’t know if you agree with me but for the last several decades, we are being poisoned.

Peter Greenlaw: Absolutely! There’s no doubt about it. And honestly Steve, I’ve spent more than 10 years in research so everything I’m going to share with you right now, these aren’t my opinions okay this is all based on scientific hard facts and I came upon and now have trademark the term the TDOSI syndrome. The TDOSI syndrome stands for what’s standing in our way to what I call maximizing human potential. TDOSI stands for T is for toxicity, D is for deficiency, O is for obesity, S is for stress and I is for inflammation. Now, on their own, those are bad enough but what I found, what I call the interconnectivity of those five things, you’re absolutely right. So it starts with toxicity, what do I mean by toxicity? I mean we now have about 60,000 chemicals in commercial use; herbicides, pesticides and it’s in cleaning and toothpaste and everything that we touch and less than 600 of those have ever been tested for what they do to us as human beings. Now we’ve also poisoned the soil, so what’s happening in our soil now, the food that’s being grown, is nutritionally deficient and because the foods are nutritionally deficient, it allows the toxins to run rampant. Because see the body has natural, I call them toxin hunters that actually can take these toxins and pull them apart and make them harmless and water soluble so they can pass out through the body

Steve Toth: Yeah, Peter, so what I am hearing there, in between the lines, is… and I guess we have to now probably talk about farmers and there are probably different types of farmers, but let’s talk about what they are putting in the soil and how they are treating the soil and what the animals end up eating like the cows, the pigs, whatever chickens. We eat them, so it actually transfers on to us. So what’s happening to the consciousness of farmers, where are they in this process?

Peter Greenlaw: Well they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the huge chemical companies. I mean for example, one of the most deadly things that are going on right now is genetically modified organisms. Primarily it’s corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sugar beets and cotton. And most of the corn that is being fed to cows, chickens, pigs, is genetically modified; that’s one thing bad enough and because those are not native to those animals’ diets, they actually become sick. So now what do the farmer do? They shoot them up with the antibiotics and they noticed that when they gave them the antibiotics, the animals gain weight faster and they, on top of that, they give them growth hormones. I don’t know if you saw the article just two weeks ago about this new virus that’s now out there; A bacteria called CRE what’s in now 42 states, it’s in one out of every 25 hospitals and its 50% fatal. There’s no antibiotic against it. Why? You talk about the farmer. The farmer unknowingly has been thinking that they were increasing yield and all this kind of stuff by feeding their GMO crops and shooting the animals up but we just kick the can down the road and now it’s coming home to roost in things like we’re becoming antibiotic-resistant. We’re seeing 12 year old kids that are six foot four, that’s great if you’re going to play basketball but this shouldn’t be happening. Do you know right now today as we speak, of three babies born, one out of three will develop diabetes in a lifetime? And right now, 2 out of every 100 girls being born in this country are showing signs of sexual development at three years of age. I don’t think the farmers know that; I don’t think they understood the implication of the situation that they find themselves in and were being sold this Bill of goods. I was involved in a movement in California to just label on food that it had genetically modified organisms in it. We raised about 10 million dollars, Monsanto raised about 100 million and they defeated the measure. So that’s where the consciousness is now. We’re relying on something that is flawed science at best because they think they know. Well, one of the thing’s we found out is it the other thing genetically modified crops not only are they resistant pesticides and herbicides like Round Up and things like that but they’re also resistant to absorbing nutrients from the soil. So now we have this incredibly desecrated soil, we already know that the nutritional value of every single food group you can touch is dramatically decreased and now we’re eating products that can’t even absorb nutrients from the soil. So where are the farmers? They’re not in a very good spot in my opinion

Steve Toth: Interesting. Alright so would you say, so this is a subject matter actually that I am very much interested in and engaged in because I went through my own journey in this and because I used to be overweight also, I used to be like 243 and one day I looked in the mirror and for the first time I realized that I didn’t like what I saw. So I asked myself the question, how can I run a network like this and not be congruent with my body? It’s not enough just to have my mind and my heart connected but it better show up in the external world as well or something is off. So, I did the stuff that I needed to do and I’m down to 193 and I want to get down to 175 and I’m not dieting!

Peter Greenlaw: Good for you! In in my book, which I’m sure you’re aware of, a shameless plug for myself in “WHY DIETS ARE FAILING US”, I talk about the fact the enemy is not calories, it’s toxins. And see what, to follow on what we were just talking about, the toxins combined with the deficiency in the soil is leading to obesity. You’re going “What? How could deficiency lead to obesity?”. Julie just did a study on obese children and they found many of him suffering from Ricketts and Scurvy, which are diseases of malnutrition. Do you also know this year in the world, as we sit here today, more children will die of obesity today than of starvation for the first time in history. That’s where we are I mean it’s just completely out of control. Isn’t that disgusting, horrible, horrifying, sad?

Steve Toth: Wow, that’s very sad. I want to call the viewers’ attention to these dialogues that I’m having with Peter because if it’s time for us to pay attention. So anything that we’re saying hear that is congruent with who you are, if we’re touching anything within you that feels that we are speaking the truth and I know Peter is speaking his own truth and I’m speaking mine; But it’s not about our truth, it’s about yours. So let’s talk about, for a minute, because this is just one problem, in terms of the women systematically being killed, now we are also systematically being drugged because the industry, the pharmaceutical industry, is not creating drugs for everything. I mean they have billions of dollars for marketing so I’m sure Peter you sometimes, I don’t watch television anymore, I only watch some of my favorite programs but I don’t watch the commercials; But I know, because I tuned in a few times, that about every 8 minutes, what we get to watch is pharmaceuticals, we get to watch fast foods and car dealers. So this is, I call it America’s propaganda for money because I feel that this country made money it’s God and that’s where we’re off

Peter Greenlaw: Well it’s a bigger problem than that. Let me give you an example, I’ve said in my lectures numerous times, I said that number one, food in our lifetime or any lifetime will never be enough again and that basically if you look at the commercials on TV, you’re right, they’re food and drugs. So food makes you sick and the drugs keep you that way. There’s a brilliant new documentary which is called “Save Fire” was done on HBO and they talked about the state of health care in the United States and they basically have said the system is broken, it just is not working. We are now spending 80% of our dollars, in health care, 80% of all dollars are going to five preventable diseases, preventable diseases! Now let me give you an even more dramatic example I know you don’t watch TV but they’re playing this com…. Where we are, the old conversation the old one was strictly in and I one of my coauthors is a medical doctor he told me this he said the only thing we taught about his disease and the healthcare system is designed they don’t want us to die but they don’t want us to get well either cause there is no profit in that. But one of the most dramatic commercials that’s out right now the guy comes on, it’s the tool guy, he’s kind of funny he comes on and he goes “yeah I’m eating these corn dogs and I’ve got indigestion but I got Prilosec!” So what they’ve done, their trying to convince us, that eating food that makes you sick, as long as you have a drug, is okay. Isn’t that insane? But even more important that a brand new book called “Salt, Sugar and Fat” by Michael Moss who is a Pulitzer prize-winning author spent the last 4 years inside the big food companies. The food companies, forget the drug companies, the food comes have spent 1 billion dollars in the last 10 years to create what’s called the Bliss Point. What they did, they actually ran brain scans on children and adults and they call it “lighting up the brain” and what they did, they lit up the brain when they would give you sugar to the point where you were excited but never satisfied, they call it the Bliss Point. You know the old “nobody can eat just one”? Well that’s all engineered so forget the drug companies, the food companies are even worse!

Steve Toth: Yeah, and you want more

Peter Greenlaw: They know it; they know they are addicting children. For example, children’s cereal has 60% more sugar 50% less fiber and 45% more salt. Why does it have less fiber? Because fiber fills you up! They want kids to eat two bowls of cereal or three bowls of cereal. We are basically, I say this all the time, we’re eating dead flakes in a cardboard coffin and honestly the kids would be better off eating the box at least they get some fiber, I’m serious! This is what we are doing to our children and we don’t even know it!

Steve Toth: Peter. You probably know this, I’m speaking to the coir, that McDonald’s french fries has sugar in it

Peter Greenlaw: Of course. So do their salads. And it’s high fructose corn syrup which by the way, they are working on a version, right now, that’s 200 times sweeter than the current high fructose corn syrup that we have. I mean you gotta understand, you’re talking about the drug companies? No, food is a drug! It’s been said many times the most powerful medicine in the human body is food! We’ve destroyed it! Not only is it nutritionally bankrupt, now they’ve figured out a way to get us to eat all this junk in bigger and bigger quantities. Look around America today, two thirds of America is overweight, one 3rd are obese. In 7 years, 80% of America is going to be overweight. I’ve said before, in the future, imagine the legions of the sick marching on the hospitals when there won’t be enough beds, there won’t be enough doctors and they won’t be enough drugs. Well unfortunately, two months ago, it came true in Chicago when they turned people away at the hospitals because of the flu, why?; Because their immune systems are so compromised because of this junk food that they’re consuming in huge quantities that our immune system can’t fight back anymore. See it’s insidious; it’s not just the drug companies, the food companies are making us sick. Now you can take Prilosec, now you can take whatever it is, right?

Steve Toth: I wanted you to cover the farmers and then from there I think we go into pharmaceuticals because, these industries, it’s almost like the biggest affiliate program on the planet; Because every time something new is introduced into the soil or whatever they are feeding the animals, the pharmaceutical industry I feel they are already ahead of it and they also may already be making the drugs that’s going to treat it, whatever illness is that going to create

Peter Greenlaw: And you are so right. We eat whatever they eat. So if a plant or an animal is given herbicides and pesticides, we get to eat it; If they are given antibiotics or hormones, we get to eat it. I mean, unless you’re smart and you do selective shopping which is what I attempt to do

Steve Toth: Yeah, we’ll talk about solutions in just a moment. Let’s talk for a few moments let’s move to fast food because I think that’s one of the biggest killers of humanity on this planet and a lot of people, I’m probably going to get emails again, I always get emails when I talk about the fast food industry. I don’t go to McDonald’s anymore. I mean I used to when I really didn’t get this; and now when I go by McDonald’s, like when I drive by, my stomach turns, Peter. It’s like I can’t even entertain the idea of going in there and getting anything because I know how bad it is

Peter Greenlaw: Well we’ve substituted price for quality; we’ve got this cheap food but we’re paying the price in diabetes and obesity and heart and all these diseases moving forward and you’re right. I mean the best thing to do with a fast food restaurant is to drive by it; just don’t drive in there. Forget the drive up window, do the drive by window. If you want to drive in the parking lot circle the building and leave; but honestly I mean the nutritional value of this stuff is so incredibly bad that really; it’s really just based on stimulation and sugar for a little while and then you know you’re starving and then you need another one and another one. I mean food is, it really is being destroyed and we have you know there’s a book called Fast Food Nation, or there was a documentary. This is not up for debate you know; it’s kinda like remember in the old days like smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer, wait a minute let me think about this lighting my lungs are on fire was smoke I don’t think that’s good but they’re telling me it’s ok, right? The same thing with fast food; I mean it’s not food; it’s food in name only but not from a nutritional value and that’s one of my big points back to the farmers, it’s not the calories we’re creating, it’s what’s in the calorie it’s the nutrients that we need that are gone from every food group across the border. To give you an idea, an Apple from 1976 today it’s estimated nutritionally you’d have to eat between 6 and 12 apples to equal the nutrition of that one apple from 1976; A bowl of spinach from 1957, today the estimate yet about 50 bowls of spinach to equal the nutrition. Another big fallacy is Organic. Organic is cleaner but nutrition, it was a big report that just came out, organic from a nutritional stand point of view, to be no different than regular food. So there is a lot of misconceptions you know I didn’t need to jump over your question but I just wanted to make sure I got that in

Steve Toth: I’m responsible for managing my guest and I’m not doing a good job right now, I’m letting you lecture. Okay so McDonald’s, let’s move to McDonald’s for a second. I’ve seen a commercial and their success, recent success, cause they were in trouble for a while, and they’ve remodeled all their stores, they introduced salads and supposedly things that are going to be good for you and now they are actually putting the nutritional values on the menu in calories, which I think you don’t really care about calories, that’s not the issue

Peter Greenlaw: It means nothing. Calories mean nothing! Nobody can count them. Honestly, did you know that the only way you can measure calories is in a lab and when I do my lectures I ask people, I’ll ask you; do you know what the actual technical definition of a calorie is? Do you know?

Steve Toth: Yeah, so Peter, I don’t know if you’ve seen this documentary about McDonald’s but do you know where their next area that they have identified on the planet for their next success?

Peter Greenlaw: The moon? I don’t know, tell me

Steve Toth: No, It’s China

Peter Greenlaw: I know its China

Steve Toth: In China, it’s kind of funny because those people, I’ve been to China and they eat nutritious stuff, you don’t find a lot of fat people in China

Peter Greenlaw: That’s changing. Listen to this statistic, for the first time ever; there are more people in China now that are overweight than underweight for the first time ever, in China

Steve Toth: Yeah well it was about 12 years ago when I was there, so probably things have changed

Peter Greenlaw: I was there almost 3 years ago and I was really surprised at how many people were starting to show you know western pot bellies and whatever in Hong Kong and Taiwan and I was like whoa this is really; yeah but there was Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s and Burger King and I mean it’s like holy smokes here we go again

Steve Toth: Okay so one more thing I want to do it before we jump into solutions. Oh boy, so when a new baby is born today, this is what, and I just had a new grandson and I’m getting a little bit emotionally kind of touched right now because I feel for that baby because that poor thing has got so much going against him that I already know he’s going to have to live through, so he’s going to live through all this stuff that his mother and his father are going to tell him and all the things that they are going to present to him that he is going to believe at first that it is the truth, and it isn’t necessarily and all the stuff that he’s going to be taught from school and everything else, then he’s eating this garbage from day one and then we are not taught anywhere how to handle emotional intelligence, it’s not in the schools it’s nowhere. So people don’t handle; don’t process their emotions and I believe that’s also making us sick. Do you believe that?

Peter Greenlaw: Oh my gosh, A huge part of that, well not to scare you or ruin your day but they did a study on newborn infants and looked at their cord blood, this was like 4 years ago; In every baby they tested they found an average of 287 toxic chemicals in their cord blood at birth including mercury, iodine, arsenic, Teflon, scotch guard, herbicides, pesticides and gasoline byproducts. So let’s just start with that. Here is a new thing out of UCLA and I don’t I’m sure you’re probably sounds like you’re very in tune with what’s going on. In 1990 about 1 in 10000 children were born autistic this year’s 1 in 103 & a major study out of UCLA from the neuropsychology Department says that autism is not a disease of the brain but a disease of the digestive track and the auto immune system. See that’s why this stuff is so insidious I absolutely believe that our brains, what we know for example back to McDonald’s for just a second, that eating that kind of food absolutely causes inflammation in your body, and when you have inflammation in your body, your stress levels go up and when the stress and inflammation are at high level it’s actually, are you ready for this, shrinking our brains. So there’s a huge component hear that nutrition is playing in our ability to be alive and to feel fulfilled and to be in touch even with ourselves I mean we’re shrinking our brains, hello, I don’t think that’s really that good.

Steve Toth: Well I may not give the brain as big of a credit as you do but of course you’re a researcher so you need your brain. I think our brain gets us into more trouble than it’s worth

Peter Greenlaw: Especially when it’s compromised then it’s even worse; then you’re making really rotten decisions you know it’s like…

Steve Toth: Yeah, I’m more interested in people connecting their hearts with their brain and don’t make all their decisions from the mind

Peter Greenlaw: Well the longest you’ll ever take is from here to here that about 12 inches from your brain to your heart, I couldn’t agree with you more

Steve Toth: Alright so I think we established that new babies that are being born today don’t have much chance, right? Everything is pretty much pointing against the fact that they’re going to be growing up as happy babies and they are going to be enjoying life, it’s kind of miserable. So I think we did a good job painting that picture, so let’s talk about what do we do? What can we do, what can we eat that’s safe?

Peter Greenlaw: Right, that’s a very very good question. Well the first thing I talk about, the first thing that I really tell people is I say look, now that you understand the situation is really really bad, now we can really talk about what can we do as far as a resolution or a solution. So the very first thing is what we’re doing today is awareness because again if you don’t even know the problem exists if you don’t know, maybe you do maybe you don’t, that we’re living in this incredibly toxic world? So the very first thing you should do is obviously to attempt to avoid anything, any toxin that’s going in your body, for example don’t be eating meat that’s corn-fed loaded with antibiotics and hormones, not because I say so but because now the evidence is that we’re becoming completely antibiotic resistant. How’s that going to turn out?

Steve Toth: Okay, but Peter how can you tell what the cow was eating when you go to the grocery store?

Peter Greenlaw: Well I’m just saying for example in Colorado now there are places we can go we can actually go to those ranches and those animals are absolutely grass-fed. There is a couple of the one up by Boulder in this one actually in Kremmling that has all grass-fed, non-hormones non-antibiotics and you just have to be proactive you’re not going to go into your local supermarket for the most part you know I don’t know if I can trust him or not and say is this hormone and antibiotic free and is the grass fed not corn fed, grass fed; That’s a huge part of it right there, so awareness becomes an enormous weapon on our side. Is it going to take some more effort yes but what’s the alternative you want to become antibiotic-resistant I don’t so that’s

Steve Toth: and I just want to remind viewers Peter that you’re saying this about corn because corn is probably the one ingredient that’s almost in everything and they are beginning to genetically engineer the stuff

Peter Greenlaw: No no, for the last 20 years 85% of all corn is genetically modified; Same with soy. Corn or soy, both are genetically modified as we sit here today, not starting. It’s been like 20 years-worth, that’s horrible! And you have to understand, when you give a cow corn, it destroys their immune system and they literally if you didn’t give them antibiotics, their stomachs would explode. How’s that sound? Not real great, especially if you’re the cow

Steve Toth: Alright so what you’re telling us then is there’s basically no reason to go to the local grocery store. What about what about places like..

Peter Greenlaw: No, I didn’t say that Well, like I said this really, the only difference between organic for example and regular is that the regular it I’m mean the organic is less polluted with toxic, with pesticides and herbicides. So you could still buy some fruits and vegetables and stuff like that I mean if you can get them organic that’s even better but in nutritionally there’s no difference, let’s be clear; based on like 51 different studies. So if you want the ideal situation you’d literally would go to the farmer and have a personal sit down with him and say okay how do you raise your crops how do you raise your cattle whatever. Honestly that’s about the only way you’re going to be able to pretty much guarantee that you’re going to avoid that stuff. If you go into a local supermarket its probably 50 50 at best but doing organic is the lesser of the evils I guess is what I would say we’re in trouble trust me we’re in trouble

Steve Toth: And we haven’t touched on air and water. What’s up with our air?
Peter Greenlaw: Well to give you an idea where jumping around seven hundred thousand tons of pollution in the air in the ground in this country every day 365 days a year we live in Denver we know the brown cloud but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Water; listen to this we now know and municipal water supply like Denver Water Pueblo New York Chicago it doesn’t matter on average they have between 300 and 500 toxic chemicals in the drinking water mercury iodine arsenic, now watch this, Prozac Zoloft, Lipitor, wellbutrin. and birth control pills which I don’t think I need to take birth control pills but apparently I am if I drink then for water. This is across the country. So you might want to get a filter for your water or not its up to you I don’t sell water filters so that’s not part of my thing again my thing is making people aware and that’s what we’re talking about in this part what was the first step in the solution is becoming aware so if you want to drink tap water let me know how that turns out I don’t drink tap water anymore. At all

Steve Toth: I don’t either I haven’t been for years for 4 years. It’s kind of interesting how this works I just want to check it out if it works with you the same way. I couldn’t possibly turn on the tap water and get a glass of water I can’t make myself do it. Does that happen to you?

Peter Greenlaw: I just won’t do it I mean I won’t. In Mexico that old deal there you know you obviously don’t want to brush your teeth with that water or anything with it at best I mean I travel all the time and bring bottled water with me I’ll brush my teeth but trust me I spit the water out I definitely don’t swallow it because I mean I you know based on the science I mean really do you want to drink something with Prozac and Zoloft and lipitor and Crestor and those are antidepressants right I don’t think that’s that great. And they are finding such high levels. Of Prozac in rivers and streams and many fish now are actually being born as hermaphrodites which means they are male and female both because of the high levels of Prozac in the water, hello? I’m not doing that. Knowing what to avoid I think that’s valuable don’t you? It doesn’t cost you anything

Steve Toth: Absolutely what’s the truth about fluoride in toothpaste?

Peter Greenlaw: Well other than the stuff that is the heavy metal and many many studies now say that it does nothing for tooth decay and it was really sold back in the day of the by the aluminum companies because it was a waste product of making aluminum. And so they sold the government on putting it in the water supply to prevent tooth decay well I would guarantee you this was myself included a few years ago I was shocked to realize that I had high levels of fluoride in my blood and I had to actually go to do chelation therapy to get it out or my body. From the water and the toothpaste and you know all that kind of stuff but see this is the kind of stuff were told we were told. But It just recently did you see this whole thing on sports drinks where they finally admitted they had some sort of deadly thing in it but let’s get all the athletes to drink this stuff. That’s why the wind is such a powerful thing

Steve Toth: You know those drinks that they are marketing the heck out of to kids so that they can stay up all night to do their exams. Whatever they are?

Peter Greenlaw: The largest segment of the soft drink energy now is energy drinks

Steve Toth: Energy drinks, right; and people are dying and nobody is paying attention

Peter Greenlaw: Well a few of us are. And again the idea is to get more awareness in the public market place because for example the only way you’re going to stop GMOs, Genetically modified organisms, is for the public to go in and demand I will not consume GMOs that’s when they’ll change but until that happens they’re going to continue because my gosh the government’s that it’s safe really? Well my very good friend Jeffrey Smith is a leading authority in the world of genetically modified organisms about 6 months ago they uncovered 44000 pages of internal documents inside the FDA which 20 years ago the FDA said we should never allowed genetically modified organisms into the food supply until we do a clinical study. They did a clinical study guess how long it was guess how long the clinical study was on humans.

Steve Toth: I have no idea

Peter Greenlaw: 7 days. And now we’re seeing the effects. They really are saying well they banned it in Europe they just bend it in India they just band DMO than India. Hello? But the government told us it’s safe, not really. Do you know how much money is tied up in this genetically modified organisms and the corn lobby and I don’t even want to get into that stuff but I mean it’s just this there’s no way you’d want to put GMOs in your body if you read; there’s a great documentary called genetic roulette that again awareness people can go watch it? That’s my friend Jeffrey Smith is that not horrifying does that not scare you to death

Steve Toth: Yeah well this is all quite depressing

Peter Greenlaw: I’m sorry like I said I tell people at lectures I didn’t come to scare you but I came to make you aware. If part of the solution is awareness I’m sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just the messenger

Steve Toth: what’s interesting for me is that underneath this these are all lots of symptoms. But the core underneath all of this for me is what our network is all about which is consciousness. And I don’t think any human out there is going to be able to do anything about this unless they become aware become awake and become conscious because without that, we are just sheep. And they are treating us as sheep and most of humanity living up to it they just do whatever they are told

Peter Greenlaw: Well thank goodness you don’t listen to the drug commercials anymore when they come on you know what always puts me they go to the first part it’s really good for you but when they get to one of the things at the end that kind of slip in the side effects. One of the side effects instantaneous death, oh man I want some of that stuff

Steve Toth: How many cars, Peter, do you think would be told if after each car commercial they would start saying well by the way you could have a problem with the car because you may not be able to stop it like in the case of Toyota? You could get into situations where you’re in an accident and the airbags may not open. What if they started telling us all this. Would we still be buying cars?

Peter Greenlaw: Well based on a spy in the drugs I guess…

Steve Toth: We’re not listening. They could basically tell us anything we’re not listening. However what is sad stories is this stuff and this is why the mind I feel is so powerful it goes into our memory, in our subconscious mind and that’s what’s basically running people

Peter Greenlaw: Well it’s ironic you know my co-author on my first book and also on my second book it different doctor they both tell me the same thing they said Peter remember if the practice of medicine just hope we don’t have to practice on you. Because people aren’t aware they’re not aware that you have the right to look at alternatives. Medicine today as you go in they give you a diagnosis with the drug. I mean do you know this you’re going to consume about 5 trillion prescription pills. Which is more than 50% of all the prescription pills on planet Earth in the United States was only 300 million people hello. I mean China for 5000 years have never had prescription drugs. I think they got along okay I mean this is where we are you are right it’s all about consciousness that’s why I love the whole format of your show and this thing that we’re doing because my dream if I want to change the world and the only way I can do that is to raise consciousness and say did you know that what you thought you know might not be correct and if it isn’t it could have deadly consequences. Like consuming GMOs like all the stuff we’ve been talking about. You could pretend it’s not happening right we can pretend it’s not happening but it is showing up in all the disease statistics as we get sicker and sicker at younger and younger ages

Steve Toth: Yeah so let me just add something to that from my own perspective so I Peter I gave up on trying to change the world I give it up. What I’m doing now is what I’m doing is changing me because that is the only power that I have access to is me. And by example and by doing what I’m doing and going through my own growth hopefully people will get something out of that or not but I’m not attached

Peter Greenlaw: Right, well I’m still I guess I’m a crazy Crusader Don Quixote call me whatever you want but that’s really my goal and I really have impacted many many lives

Steve Toth: Every Crusader in the history of the world Peter has been killed. Have you noticed?

Peter Greenlaw: I know I worry about that every day I do that’s in the back of my mind. I’m really not making people happy. But I’m just relaying. I’m just the messenger I’m just relaying what the science says. And so you know I feel that somebody has to stand up somebody has to make a stand and if that’s me so be it. And like I’ve said I’ve done more than a thousand lectures I’ve been to China and lectured in Taiwan and Hong Kong and believe it or not I was very well accepted people were very very grateful that I had come to make them conscious that’s all. It’s like I tell people look you want to get in shape go join the gym with me but I’m not doing your pushups for you that’s how this works. Take the information do with it or don’t do with it what you want but the reality is that this is what’s going on. Every disease is out of control it’s just out of control.

Steve Toth: People actually have to get into action. Without getting into action nothing will change.

Peter Greenlaw: Exactly. The problem is we have this five headed monster the TDOSI syndrome, which is like people tell me well I’m in good shape or whatever and I’m like really that’s great congratulations what are you doing about toxicity, what are you doing about deficiency, what are you doing about stress, what are you doing about inflammation? So that whole philosophy, this whole diet exercise mentality is just not working. You can’t look around America and tell the world now. In the world you’ve got a billion people overweight a billion. Consciousness is everything

Steve Toth: Yes alright so would you believe that the hour is almost gone?

Peter Greenlaw: Oh my gosh I can’t it seems like we’ve been talking for 5 minutes

Steve Toth: So this is proof that we are in the present moment because in the present moment time disappears

Peter Greenlaw: We didn’t get really far into the solution revolution that was only the first part

Steve Toth: I don’t think this is a subject that can be covered in one hour. This is just the appetizer and I would love for you to come back on the network including come back on our cable TV show. I mean you would be a fantastic guest. For our living consciousness TV show.

Peter Greenlaw: Well thank you I’m very honored that you would say that based on the fact that you have done 10000 shows and interviewed a lot of people but you know again of consciousness in the moment this is now this is happening now right now in this minute it’s happening it’s not like next week its right now today

Steve Toth: Its right now yes so let’s plan the rest of the time which we don’t have much I’ll have you give our viewers some tips and you can start and end wherever you want but let’s start giving our viewers some tips that they can actually get into action right now

Peter Greenlaw: Okay I’ll give you one of the greatest one’s ever that will change your life. Now not tap water but filtered water if you can start today or tomorrow drinking one half of your body weight in ounces of water every day there’s nothing better for the human body than water it’s the most powerful nutrient that we have and yet most people are completely unaware. See I’ll give you an idea if you drink one cup of coffee you need to drink between 6 and 8 ounces of water to offset one cup of coffee and the body is 75% water the mind 80% water and our blood about 92% water there is a simple thing you could do starting today to really change your life and obviously water is great, it helps the body to detoxify and center that something really simple the next thing is that honestly you really do need to make yourself aware. I’ll give you one book is called what’s in this stuff which goes through pretty much everything at the grocery store and tells you what it is. There’s an incredible website called EWG it stands for Environmental Working Group it’s probably the finest toxic awareness website on the planet that I know of. They actually go through things like your beauty products and write the cancer rating they talk about toothpaste they talk about hand lotion and things like that that is a great thing to do there are some incredible new documentaries out there? One is Escape Fire. It’s fantastic now some other things you really want to be looking for example if you’re going to have the world’s first perfect food its mother’s breast milk well that’s probably out of the question for us but for the rest of us the best thing you can do and I didn’t understand this until I did the research, see the human body doesn’t store protein in stores fats and carbs and if you took the dry weight of the human body 50% of the dry weight of the human body is protein. For muscle it’s for your brain for everything and the greatest source left on planet of whey protein is in New Zealand and if you can find in New Zealand whey protein that’s what you should be putting in your body everyday especially for breakfast not dead flakes and a cardboard coffin you also want to look into cleansing. I’m not talking about colon cleansing I’m talking about cellular I’m talking about whole body cleanse. It is really really significantly effective in helping the body to get rid of these toxins. And then it just really like I said you just I mean if you want to eat regular processed food you really you’re playing with your life I mean I always told people choose life or choose death if your choice which one do you want to choose I’m talking about today in the moment; Don’t go to fast food restaurants. Another thing people shouldn’t drink milk as adults we’re the only species in the animal kingdom that drinks milk as adults it doesn’t know good and in many cases if it’s homogenized or pasteurized studies say it can increase your risk of osteoporosis? So again we don’t really have time to get into all of it but those are just some great tips. If they just started to drink water have their body weight so in your case you need about 10 to 11 8ounce glasses of water every single day that’s assuming you don’t drink tea you don’t drink coffee I don’t drink orange juice.. Counts for the human body except for pure filtered water that’s it. And your brain if your brain is 80% water, do you think that not having enough water affects your brain absolutely it does. In a big big way and again not because I say so because all of the research says so does that make sense

Steve Toth: Oh absolutely it makes sense. Anything else that you can give us?

Peter Greenlaw: Well I could spend a lot more time some other things you want to do you really want to get yourself in a position to really understand what stress. Stress by the way is the number one killer number one killer is stress. So you want to be doing things like meditation. You want to be doing things like yoga or whatever but at least meditation give yourself a little bit of time each day to heal just be with yourself you don’t have to chant, just be quiet and maybe listen to some music kickback you deserve 5 or 10 minutes a day and the other thing you want to regard again and you’ve got to be very cognizant of making sure you’re in a position where you can lower inflammation in the human body. Steve what do you think the number one cause of heart attack is cholesterol? I’m asking you

Steve Toth: Yeah, I don’t know

Peter Greenlaw: That’s what the drug companies tell you right?

Steve Toth: It could be diabetes is like huge type 2 diabetes?

Peter Greenlaw: Now that’s a side effect of inflammation the number one cause of heart disease is inflammation not cholesterol number one if we didn’t have inflammation in the body cholesterol would never collect it would just pass through because we need cholesterol believe it or not silver cells in all kinds of great things it is inflammation and inflammation leads to what also diabetes it also leads to things like high insulin all kinds of things stem from stress and inflammation also both of those things make us fat. Because when you have high stress in the body the one thing the body does is it stores I mean it will not burn fat it’s impossible. And of course the one thing we didn’t have a chance to get into what we now know that the toxins entering the body, the body is evolving as were sitting here today as we are breathing drinking whatever. What’s happening if the body takes the toxins and stuff it in fat cells and those fat cells now have a name they are called obeseogens And they say that they are reprogramming the human body as a survival mechanism to that causes to gain weight as a way of protecting ourselves from the toxin because the immune system doesn’t know what to do with Scotch Gard, Teflon, herbicides, pesticides. That’s why this is so important. You can’t just sit there and think you’re going to go on a diet and you’re going to remove toxins from your body you’re not

Steve Toth: Yeah so it sounds like to me Peter that we are being degenerating our bodies. The worst is regenerating them an interestingly humanity used to live a lot shorter. So we have managed how to live longer I mean people are living 80, 90 to 100 years. But sicker but the quality of life is absolutely awful. So why live to 90?
Peter Greenlaw: We are living longer but sicker. Better living through chemistry. Back to pharmaceuticals for just a second I want you to name a drug other than the insulin if your a type 1 diabetic or anti-seizure medication that makes you healthy? I’ll wait

Steve Toth: I don’t know any. The only thing I know is every drug we take there is at least 10 side effects.

Peter Greenlaw: At least and when its instantaneous death probably one you want to avoid that’s just my opinion

Steve Toth: And let’s just mentioned something about aspirin what is all the stuff going on about aspirin but they keep marketing to us. Why is Aspen supposedly good?

Peter Greenlaw: Well basically what they’re using the aspirin for is to lower inflammation. But my thing would be what’s causing the inflammation the medicine is in a defensive posture we need a new health

Medicine is treating the symptoms

Peter Greenlaw: It’s defensive. It’s your sick now give me the pill instead of… See what medicine is today it’s basically procedural intervention. Like for example you know they put stents in people for heart attacks and the one thing they said is the one thing that it’ll guarantee is it won’t guarantee not having another heart attack and it won’t extend your life it’s a procedure rather than a preventative intervention like avoiding tap water. Like avoiding the fast food like all the things that we kind of talked about in this interview today. I mean that’s the point so what aspirin is doing again it’s dealing with the symptom. It’s lowering inflammation. But what’s causing inflammation in the first place. The processed food for eating to start out with plus toxins, plus dress , plus nutritional deficiency other than that it’s great. See that’s why the TDOSI Syndrome. They’re all interrelated. You have to understand when you become when you have inflammation stress goes up when stress goes up inflammation goes out. And when you are nutritionally deficient you are literally destroying the mitochondria in the human body which are the engines the fuel engines of the body and we create huge amounts of oxidative stress. Or one oxy stress goes up now you’re accelerating aging. I mean it’s just so insidious it’s just insanity. And if people want to keep having the old conversation and think that somehow their doctor is going to put them back together, let me know how that turns out. Because the sick care system that we now have here we’re going to have 23 million more people that can take drugs. That’s insanity. I mean we are so over medicating our kids 11% of all kids now are being given drugs for add are you kidding me?

Steve Toth: You already probably know this Peter that doctors on an average only spend nine minutes with the patient. And they only have time really to find out how you are and what hurts.

Peter Greenlaw: Do you want to know why?

Steve Toth: Because they’re too busy writing prescriptions that’s all they have left of all they have time for

Peter Greenlaw: No see it’s worse than that a procedure like a heart stent they get $1,500 for 45 minute operation. For a 45 minute consultation with a patient they get paid $15. If you are a doctor what are you going to do? $15!

Steve Toth: Yeah well I’m sure that’s part of it also I’ve seen an interview that quite a few holistic doctors these days that do spend that 45 minutes to an hour really assessing somebody’s history. And what’s going on with them

Peter Greenlaw: But I mean you’re on board with me we need preventative procedures we don’t need. Protocol you know something I’m in the way it’s going now it can’t work

Steve Toth: We need to be responsible human beings need to be responsible and accountable for their own health. That’s it. Okay, so I’m going to give you the last couple of minutes. Tell us a little bit about. Your website anything any contact information you want to share and if you are doing any speeches or have any seminars or anything going on with you share them with us as well

Peter Greenlaw: Sure well my website is real simple its and on there are many of the things I talked about today are posted this article I have about a tenant 12 minute video on my book which you can get on Amazon or Kindle it’s called “Why Diets Are Failing Us”. My new book, which I’m working feverishly on to get done by May it’s called “The TDOSI Syndrome”. And really if people want to reach me the best way is they can actually send me an email I’ll give my personal email out because I want to help people as many as I can it is [email protected] Also on my website they do post wherever I am speaking. So for example I’m going to be in Philadelphia I believe on April 17th. And then I am in…I don’t even know all the dates I’m sorry I’m in Chicago I’m normally lecturing all the time but I’m working on my book so I’m not on the road as much as possible and so that website when you go to my website, the only thing you can purchase there is my book so it’s not some gimmick to get you to come. I’m selling in pots and pans and water filters no I don’t do that it’s a scientific fact that if you’re really interested in consciousness and being aware, then that’s the site where you can go and rely on the fact that we are simply trying to provide the best information that we can find to give you choices that maybe you don’t have now. Because I would say and I would say that at the end of this interview certainly and in my lectures I always close by saying now that you know. What will you do? Because that’s really what it’s about I can and you said it brilliantly a while ago I can’t even remember exactly how you said it but something to the effect that we have to take responsibility yes. And I am just saving you from the fact that I spent 10 years I don’t know I read 600 books and thousands of hours of research and all we want to do is give you the cliff notes so you can make more informed choices. You can do whatever you want to but based on the scientific evidence if you continue to do kind of what you doing now you really are defining insanity. And we really have solutions so again it’s either or [email protected] Those are two good places to reach me I’ve got thousands of followers on Facebook. I also do a weekly radio show live at 9 o’clock; Mountain Time that’s 10 central 11 Eastern 8 Pacific. It’s on Blog Talk Radio and the name of that show is The New Health Conversation and those shows are archived and they are out there and it’s all this current information. This hour went by like you said we were totally unconscious which I guess was good that the time went by so fast and yet there’s so much more really that we want to share with people to just give them choices. It’s not about convincing you were just saying look here is the evidence do whatever you want: So Steve I hope this has been useful for you as well as a human being.

Steve Toth: It was absolutely fantastic and it was fantastic for all of our viewers as well thank you for thank you very much for being who you are and I love the science that you dedicated your life to so that you’re not just sharing your opinion but you’re actually backing it up with the scientific information

Peter Greenlaw: And if you’ll have me I would love to come back or if you want me on your local show. I think the world deserves this information again it is the consciousness that what we talked about today if this isn’t consciousness I don’t know what is.

Steve Toth: That’s the only way out of Dodge; And the matrix.

Peter Greenlaw: Right exactly and this is the matrix trust me.

Steve Toth: Thank you so much Peter, will see you soon.

Peter Greenlaw: Thank you so much, okay bye bye.
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