S3Stat – Amazon S3 and CloudFront Log Reader

S3Stat – Amazon S3 and CloudFront Log Reader 2

Recently, we ran into the issue where several companies wanted to piggyback onto our companies Amazon S3 storage – the dilemma, how to accurately track individual usage to facilitate client billing. Our first stop was to see if the Amazon S3 billing system shows individual bucket usage – it did not. We were faced with […]

EIG – Service’s Disabled and Accounts Shut Down

This morning a handful of unrelated sites and clients began to report that access to their EIG-owned website hosting companies was not allowing them to log in and had shutdown their hosted services. As we began to probe we found that this is a much bigger issue than a simple forgotten password. EIG (Endurance International […]

Windows 10 Home Edition – For Free From Microsoft

Windows 10 completely free

Windows 10 is a very drastic change for users especially those still running Windows 7, with one of the biggest hidden changes being that you can get a completely legitimate copy directly from Microsoft for free. When it came time to update my movie server, I had tested a couple of different Windows versions via […]

Watch Dog Initialization Error Fix – AVG and Windows 10

Starting Watch Dog Initialization Error Fix

Over the last couple months, my wife’s work computer has been plagued with an issue upon Windows 10 booting, a screen popup up showing the text shown below: Phase 0 : Starting Watch Dog Initialization : Phase 0 : Loading Config. . . (roots, krnl, setup)?utm_campaign=nethealth_website?utm_campaign=nethealth_website Phase 0 : Pre initialization events. Phase 0 : […]

Default Passwords are killing our Internets Security

password security

The password in general is both a blessing and a curse – A weak and easily guessed password can leave you vulnerable to attack but a strong password can protect your “castle” but is usually harder to remember – But there is middle ground. What is IoT The Internet of Things (IoT)?utm_campaign=nethealth_website?utm_campaign=nethealth_website refers to the […]

MacOS Sierra – New Shiny OS – No Big New Features

MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra is Apple’s latest version of the Mac operating system, which was released just a few days ago on September 20th and while I would have loved to rave about the newest additional features, there isn’t much that I can find about this system. With that said, let’s take a look at some of […]