So far after spending around 20 hours in the game, Far Cry Primal feels like one of the best games of the franchise so far. Thats not to say it has overcame what I would classify as its primary problem – its progression system. However even with that drawback, this game is pulling me in and not letting me go.

In this latest installment there are numerous mechanics that have been brought back from previous games – one of my favorite is fire. While a fairly straight forward mechanic its implementation feels almost perfect. Best of all this mechanic isn’t a simple rehash from what we have come to expect from so many games with a long franchise history (yes, I’m looking at you Call of Duty) its implementation has been massively upgraded from Far cry 4. When you light a fire, it feels dangerous, like at any moment it can (and sometimes does) engulf everything, this makes the fire not only an amazing weapon but also a deadly ally.

As mentioned I have around 20 hours in the game, but really haven’t dove into much of the story, beyond what I need to progress into certain areas. This is where my biggest gripe in the game rears its head – granted its of my own doing. I have only finished a couple of the primary mission, yet because I tend to run around early on and kill / collect everything in sight, doing so makes my character feels a bit overpowered. To attempt to counteract this I’m playing on the most difficult setting and while challenging it still feels like my character Superman compared to the AI in the game. Ideally I would love to have enemies that are a bit smarter, more powerful, and much deadlier than I could ever become, forcing me to constantly worry about what is coming for me next.

I’ll continue to add to this post with updates as I progress through the game.

I would definitely recommend this game, even if it is just a time killer until Battlefield 1 and/or No Man’s Sky are released.