With the newest Google update “Panda”, many press release, news distribution companies, and agencies are reporting huge losses in SER (Search Engine Results). In a recent article, Seerinteractive indicated, “On May 27th, PRWeb.com lost more than half of their traffic overnight. They dropped out of the first 20 Google results for more than 8000 keywords. According to SEMrush data, these ranking losses have cost prweb.com nearly a half-million daily sessions.”

While the losses of result standings are devastating to the companies that utilize the services for good, it also reduces the amount of spam-like advertising releases that are becoming synonymous with these cheap distribution services, who purely rely on cheap press release tactics to gain advantage through link building.

This update continues to reinforce the fact that the number one thing you can do to build your website, is work toward offering unique quality content. Don’t rely on “building an instant army” services, take your time to invest into your sites content and you will find that the visitors will be much more engaged with the content presented. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day.