The Good Place episode two has arrived and so far it is not looking good for the new series, in fact it is shaping up to be quite the train wreck. However, with that said it’s only the second episodes in and there is plenty of time to turn it around. The main problem is that the show only runs for 30 minutes (27 not counting commercials) and each episode fails to produce any steam powering during the run. This is definitely not for a lack of trying, when it does get it started, it tends to cut to another scene, killing any momentum it previously had mustered.

Some of the characters appear to be still being worked on. For instance, it does feel like in this episode Micheal was a bit more grounded and not a endearing designer idiot with the atypical fish out of water background. Chidi continues to be a great counter to Eleanor, but ultimately still feels a bit bland and boring since his comparative character is such a well written character for the show. Lastly, Tahani continues to be the shows Kim Kardashian, a character you simply hate, not really for any one reason, but due to a culmination of their traits and personality. A lot of people are having the same thoughts on this – check out the message boards on IMDB.

Hopefully episode 4 can make a push for a bit more direct conflict and stop beating around the bush.


The Good Place Episode 3 Main Spoilers

In this episode we learn that Eleanor’s attitude and relationship with the things and people in The Good Place can change the surrounds. She becomes aware of this when she starts to bad mouth Tahani and the plant that Tahani had given her as a house warming gift begins to die and later bursts into flames.

Additionally, we find out that Tahani’s soulmate Jianyu is in the same boat as Eleanor – he is not what everyone thinks he is and is not supposed to be here in the Good Place either. His character seems to actually be quite the inverse of the person he is pretending to be – a monk.