The Good Place is a new TV show from NBC, in which the characters live in a presumably utopian Heaven, its only ever referred to as “The Good Place”, created purely for those that reside there.

Normally I would run away from shows like this, mostly due to the fact that they tend to become rather boring and tiresome after the first couple episodes. But, when I saw Kristen Bell and Ted Danson together on screen, I became instantly excited. Hopefully, this shows proves to be a bit better than the latest Bell movie “Bad Moms” which looked to play out a bit to cliche to really enjoy. I am also fingers crossed that Danson’s character is able to act a bit more like himself ala Curb Your Enthusiasm and less caricature. [BRB – watching it now]


Doug Forcett – Foreshadowing the humor

I am 2 minutes into the show and am already loving the tone it is taking.

Which religion was right about Heaven and Hell? Well they all guessed about 5% correct, except Doug Forcett – a stoner kid from Canada from the 1970’s – one night really high on mushrooms he guessed about 92% – [ Danson’s character Michael points to Doug’s portrait hanging on the wall]. But I wont get into to much detail, I don’t want to ruin the spark of the show.

After the first two episodes I am loving Bell’s character – Eleanor. She is the perfect blend of love-able and complete self absorption. The other characters feel a bit lacking (but its only the first introduction) – the biggest disappointment is Michael (Ted Danson’s character), he plays the designer of the utopia (I am assuming an angel type role), but his quirkiness seems a bit out of place – I would have rather had his characters the straight and narrow / play by the books character. However this role seems to be filled by the Chidi character, Eleanor’s soulmate.

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