Dear Shareholders,

I’m happy to report that last week the Board of Directors solidified a lasting friendship and business relationship with two businessmen from Belgium who traveled here at great personal expense to witness the Excelerite® story first hand and they did indeed. They are now committed to bringing Excelerite® to 25,000 hectors (61,750 acres) of farmland in Kenya.

I met them at the airport in Las Vegas on July 28th and early the next day, we traveled to the mine site in Panaca. We spent most of the day there and they were favorably impressed with our mining techniques, product processing and our new processing and bagging facility near the mine.

We returned to Las Vegas that evening and the next day we traveled to Indian Wells, California where we met with Board members David Lee, Larry Bonafide and Doni Kendig.

The following morning I drove them to the Imperial Valley where we met with farmers who use Excelerite® on their crops. They received first hand testimony that cantaloupe production was increased by 30%. One farmer had a 46% increase with his potato crop.
The also witnessed the efficient application of Excelerite® to a new crop of carrots by a mechanical spreader.

We returned to Indian Wells that evening and attended a get acquainted and farewell dinner with the entire Board and their spouses. Our guests were delighted with the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with management, share backgrounds and experiences and build a rusted business relationship.

The next day they left for Los Angeles to explore a location for an Excelerite® distribution warehouse. I firmly believe that these new business partners will bring a renewed global awareness to our unique products and our publicly traded company, USMN!

We continue to remain optimistic that sales will materialize but there can be no assurance that we will receive purchase orders.

Other Business Opportunities:

India and Algeria: Discussions are ongoing and we continue to remain optimistic..

Colombia: Our Colombian distributor will visit the mine as my guest on the 15th of this month. I plan to take him for a visit with the Board of Directors and then to Imperial Valley.

Colorado: Remains a work in progress.

Imperial Valley: We continue to enjoy tremendous success here. I believe these farmers will give us the best sales month ever and we hope to provide a release or written report on their success with Excelerite® soon.

Yours truly,

Mike Herod