Maeve’s “awakening” is one of the primary plot points of this episode. We begin to see that Maeve is having an almost seamless cross over into the real world. Seemingly “waking up” at a whim, once outside the confines of the Westworld park itself. She also learns that she is a machine and as such has programming logic that she adheres to, although this adherence is quickly removed once she persuades a couple of the techs to make some adjustments. It will be interesting to see what these adjustments allow her to do once back in the park as some of the adjustments put her levels above most current hosts.

Theresa – The Saboteur

Theresa has been the one smuggling the data out of the park through older modified hosts via an old satellite relay. Is she selling the information to another company due to the current state of affairs with the Delos corporation? If she isn’t selling the data or using it for another company perhaps she is “stealing” the information for Delos’s own board – we know that they have a plan beyond the simple setup of a theme park. Perhaps this plan includes gathering the data to use in some other fashion and the only way to extract that data without knowledge of the other people particularly Dr. Ford is to smuggle it out via this method.

Also a new executive board member is briefly introduced, Charlotte Hale, looking forward she looks to play an increasing role in the shows future episodes, but what side take? Is she and/or Theresa the person with a “F&$(k ton” more privileges than the techs reprogramming Maeve.

General Tidings

We learn that there are several unregistered hosts operating in the park, these are 1st generation, built by Arnold and gifted to Dr. Ford – allowing him to revisit his childhood. The small boy is the same little boy found wandering the plains that Dr. Ford met in an earlier episode, the boy is Dr. Ford as a little boy.

Later in the episode, we learn that young Ford (the host) killed the family dog after hearing the voice (presumably Arnold) that told him to. During Dr. Fords questioning his younger self about the incident, we find out that the hosts can lie. This may be part of the reprogramming, a side effect of sorts. This simple trait could lead to interesting false leads within the story.

We also find out that the reprogramming may be contained to 1st generation hosts, as they are the only ones that so far seem to be “infected”. Perhaps the older generation hosts will find a way to program the newer models hosts (maybe this is what Maeve intends to do).

The maze looks to be part of the total story that Ford is/was creating as evident by the maze illustrations in his storybook. I continue to wonder if finding the maze, and completing it, even in a single host will lead to a new forward in the park. Was the incident in the movie that allowed the 1st host to abandoned his programming due to the fact that he completed the maze?

Westworld Episode 7 Teaser