This week’s episode gives us great insight in the twists and turns that are awaiting for us down the rabbit hole. Everything is as it seems, but with a slightly veil of fog, meaning that everything so far in Westworld seems to point to the simplest solution most of the time right in front of us.

Nothing Is As It Is

The biggest shock this week was finding out the Bernard is a host – something I had speculated since episode 2. Whats interesting in this, is not just the fact that he was a host and had no idea, but that the viewable world that we see on screen can be redefined at any time. This is evident by the door that appeared in Dr. Fords cabin when Bernard brings Theresa to view his findings. In the previous episode there was no door, no stairwell leading to the lab downstairs.

More Revolutions that a Merry-Go-Round

When Delores and William are on the train there is a lot revealed. When William says “
I used to think this place was all about pandering to your baser instincts, but now I understand, it doesn’t cater to your lower self it reveals your deepest self. It show you who you really are … You’ve unlocked something in me.” and Delores responds “I’m not a key William I’m just me”.

This looks to be a direct nod to the fact that Delores is in fact the key to the maze. We are then shown a picture that Delors drew “from her imagination”. However, its later shown that this is a real place – leading to belief that she drew it based on a revery. This would mean that she’s been here, or rather to that area before at some point to be able to recreate that “memory”.

We do know she’s one of the oldest hosts in the park, so perhaps part of Delores story is to play out this part as part of a larger story line. Say out of X hundred iterations of her daily timeline she is to deviate and follow this story.The story unfolding with William.

Lending credence to this is the fact that each host in the park seems to have a rigid (yet seemingly pliable) narrative to follow, if they don’t then the overall story flow would create broken streams. If Delores wasn’t supposed to venture out with a guest and offer a larger adventure that could have broken smaller story lines back in SweetWater (the main town). It can’t be that Delores is an unimportant or inconsequential character in the story, that her leaving SweetWater would not somehow disrupt something.

However, this idea could be full of holes, since we had seen a time that the Ghost Nation was outside of a cabin that Maeve was at, while she guarded a little girl, which shows that stories may have taken place this far out of town before. So it could be that this revery was just based upon a previous story Delores was part of.

Man In Black

More and more the man in black does look like to be William. Especially after William alluding to the fact that Westworld is changing his outlook on everything – perhaps driving him from the White hat cowboy to a darker version of himself.

Ed Harris Alludes:
“There’s an awful lot about this man I’ve been asked not to discuss. You learn about who he is in the outside world, his past, why he is here and who exactly he is. He’s been coming here for 30 years. When he first came, he was not the man in black. This is a character he has assumed and developed over the many years he’s been coming to this place. I think initially when he first arrived, he was exploring what his place was like. I can do whatever I want. I can kill people if I need to or make love to strange robotic prostitutes. I think something happened to him at some point that this part of him that’s very dark, very violent, all of a sudden he recognized this was a real part of him he’d never really lived with in his life outside, obviously repressed in civil society for many years and realized this is a part of myself I should check out and see where this takes me. But there’s also a much deeper purpose for him being here at this point. He thinks there’s some deeper level to what’s happening in this park. I’m not sure what it is or why, perhaps Tony’s character is in charge of something that’s not really obvious on the surface. I think he thinks the more chaos he causes, the more destruction he can create with the A.I. folks, [the better], but it’s not random. There’s always some narrative he’s following. Someone gets in his way and he has to blow them away.”

Now this sounds a lot like the current journey that Delores and William are on – but what is the trigger to make him switch – my guess it’s Delores getting “killed”.

Whatever the case – this show is getting damn good and with so many ways that this show can grow and branch off – the future is looking good.

Westworld Episode 8 Teaser