Westworld Episode 2

The man in black

Originally, I thought that the man in black was a robot – a reboot of sorts from the movies original villainous bandit, however after a robot tries to shoot him (the man in black) to no avail I now think that he is definitely a man or at least more human than previously thought. But who is he?

It does look like he is the one reprogramming them as more as beginning to being reprogrammed than it originally appears – for instance Maeve (the head mistress at the whore house) says she has dreams as well as appearing to have flash’s of other memories.

He states “I want to return home” and that “Ive been coming here for 30 years.” Hinting at the fact that he is either a returning guest to the park or that after spending so much time at the park – part of it – became his home.

There are more robots than we realize

“stay a little longer, we can talk” (Bernard)
“We never talk” (Dr. Ford)
“I’m serious” (Bernard)
“So am I, your certainly a man comfortable with long penstic silences, although ironically your creations never shut up, they are always talking to each other even when there are no guests around” (Dr. Ford)
“They’re always trying to error correct make themselves more human, When they talk to each other it’s a way of practicing” (Bernard)
“Is that what your doing now” (Dr. Ford)

Little hints like these have been dropped in conversation connecting actions in the “real world” and in Westworld together. The above seems to suggest that there are robots with more cognitive functions than their park counterpart’s. This could have merit as originally in the movie it was said the only way to tell a robot from human was the hands, something which seems to have been worked out 30 years later.

New Storyline

What is the story line centered around the church steeple in the middle of nowhere? It looks to be a major story as Dr. Ford looks to have been building it over the course of many years. This maybe where some of the season finale may take place.

Westworld Episode 3

Dr. ford includes us into backstory that he wasn’t the only part creator, this leads to the idea that the men in Black is the other creator of the park, Arnold. In addition he talks about how Arnold was creating robots they were more lifelike, which is what is occurring in the park now.


Delores can now completely overwrite her programming as earlier in the episodes she is unable to shoot a gun, something ealier in the episode is said to the effect that it (shooting) was “just not in her nature”. When a bandit drags her into the farmhouse throws around in the hay pile she pulls a gun, waivers for a second and then shoot him. When she makes her way to the main house, one of the bots attempt to shoot her at her farm house. Interestingly she flashes “memory” like she is shot and looks down at her stomach only to find no blood. Perhaps she was never shot at all, but when hearing the shot, she simply recalled a time before in the loop that she was shot.

If she was shot This means that the guns don’t act like they did in the movie where in the movie, they detected body, they would have to work on some sort of other mechanism to differentiate between robots and humans.

According the Delos Terms of Service:

All weapons and equipment used within Delos parks are the exclusive property of Delos, Inc. Gun ammunition contains proprietary safeguards related to bullet velocity, and tampering with gun safety features or ammunition automatically transfers liability to you and absolves Delos, Inc. of any injury or death that may occur as a result.

So this seems to suggest that the skin of the robots of softer than humans allowing them to be “shot” with a weapon velocity similar to that of a paintgun. This would also explain why the man in black swapped out the ammo since the safeguards are there – not the gun itself.

Westworld Episode 4

The above trailer is alluding to the fact that there is a deeper game in the world itself, that there is a way to “win” by finding the center of the maze. If the center is found, perhaps then the robots can be free. I think that this “center” is a second staging area for where the bots were originally built / tested. Finding it will lead to the self actualization of the robots that are aware. What other secrets are to be found – we will find out tomorrow.