Westworld is a new show from HBO which takes place around 30 years after the events of the 1973 movie of the same name. The premise is fairly simple – a theme park split into three worlds (Medievalworld, Romanworld and Westworld (so far the HBO show has only talked about Westworld)). Each world is filled with life-like robots that you can do with as you please – this includes murder, sex, or just simple conversation – they are there for you and your entertainment.

Caution: There are spoilers contained in the below

Westworld – The 1973 Movie

It’s not very clear, how in the 1973 movie the setup of the interaction between the guests and the robots is created. As some interactions seem random while others seem scripted. It is suggested that each guest follows a “story” of sorts, so the main characters’ story may have been to create conflict with the gunslinger from the start, as the gunslinger only seems to target the main protagonist (Peter) and his friend (John) after the two murder the (robot) gunslinger during an altercation in the saloon.

During this time we are introduced to a very important aspect of the show – the weapons can only fire (yes, they fire real bullets) and things with reduced heat signature ie they won’t fire at a human. This rule is also used in the new HBO version – although its not known if it also uses the heat signature or some other new rule.


Long story short, the two friends are walking back into town when they encounter the gunslinger who challenges them to a draw. The gunslinger draws and fires – shooting and killing John. It is unclear how he is killed with the 6-shooter since the weapon was set to not allow humans to be injured. There are only two explanations – the first is that the robot reprogrammed the gun allowing him to murder and second is a theory that will be explained a bit later.

After Johns death, the gunslinger hunts Peter until he (Peter) is able to get the upper hand and kill him. One really great scene is at the end when Peter escapes to the Medieval world, Peter is running around trying to escape and find a young lady chained up amongst all the dead bodies scattered around the world (both human and robot). He unchains her and gives her a drink where we find out she’s a robot as the water causes her to short circuit. Why is this a great scene? Because it shows just how convincing the robots are as real people, lending truth to a couple theories we have.

Overall I was really surprised how well this movie has stood the test of time and would definitely recommend you watch this prior to watching the new TV show as there is a lot of things that you may miss.


Westworld – HBO Series – The Continuation

One of the great things about this is that this newly created show doesn’t look to reboot the series but follow 30 years after the tragic events of the movie. After the events of the movie, the park creators continued to work on their robots adding to them even more life-like characteristics and traits. Part of a newly infused update allows the robots to access their previous programming created a memory like a system – which are called “reveries”. These reveries create a glitches in the system for some of the updated machines – putting them into glitching catatonic like loops.

So far this show has a great start and given the simply amazing actors in this show, it definitely has the ability to become the next sensation. Another great aspect of the show is that should Westworld itself become a boring and bland backdrop, there are other parts of the world that can be visited bringing life into other seasons. Given the drastic difference in nature each location has this is a series that could have a fairly long run time.

And before you ask – yes, because this is an HBO show, your bound to have tons of naked people running showing off their respective parts around ala Game of Thrones.

Westworld Theory:

Almost Everyone Is A Robot:

In the first movie, the gunslinger kills a human with a gun which suggests that the gun he uses can kill humans, but what if John was really a robot the entire time? Granted this means that he (John) lived outside of the park – since he and Peter alluded to being friends for a while and knew each other prior to coming to the park. But is that idea really that far out since we already have foreshadowing that the management of the company running the park has much bigger ideas than a theme park.

If John was a robot – how was the technician who is caught when he is changing a tire in the park also killed? The simple answer is he is also a robot, this is backed up by the fact that we are told that they creators of the robots aren’t really sure how they are created since robots are creating other robots. However, for this idea to remain true, it would also have to suggest that other guests were also robots since we know they were murdered by the robots as well.

In the HBO show, we know that the robots are set to mingle in with the guest as Teddy (the first character to be introduced) is later to be shown to be a robot. So it is possible that “people” we are introduced to as park visitors are actually robots.

Is the original gunslinger back?

In the 1973 movie, during the final fight, the gunslinger at one point has a look on his face like he is lost and is becoming aware of his drastically changed surrounds, giving more credence to this idea that the new producers maybe building on.

There are lots of nods that would suggest that the main villain (Ed Harris’s character) in the new show is the old gunslinger. One is that in the beginning right after we find out that Teddy is a robot after he is killed, the man in black proclaims “God damn, it feels good to be back”, then Dolores is dragged into the barn where she is presumably murdered. But what if she was instead being reprogrammed. He also said something to the effect that it had been awhile noting that he and Dolores had a past meeting – and we do know that Dolores is one of the original robots from the 1973 movie still being used.

Clothing wise we cant look past the fact that the original gunslinger also wore all black.

This idea of reprogramming is backed by the fact that its talked about how the robots are “unable to hurt a fly” but at the end of the first episode Dolores, in fact, swats a fly that lands on her and kills it.