I truly wanted this movie to be good, even though deep down inside, I knew, there was no way this movie could live up in any form or fashion, doing even a snippet of justice for a true villain like Apocalypse.

The entire movie has a definitive been there done that movie, bringing absolutely nothing to the story or the X-Men in general. It’s sole, to seek out new life and new civilizations to  … wait wrong movie … introduce new characters and franchises into the Marvel universe. Did you want a unique story? Did you want an edge of your seat action movie? Unfortunately, both of those elements are tragically missing from X-Men Apocalypse.

Here is a couple of areas geared towards the villains that I found to be issues that crippled the movie for me:
• The push to force Magento back into his villainous roots felt horribly lacking (what superhero or villain doesn’t have dead / dying loved ones). They could have created a masterpiece that pushes him over the edge and yes it sucks what happens to him, but they don’t spend enough time building the characters to make me care that he is trying to start over, rebuild his life and shed his past.
• Apocalypse recruited four mutants to become his four horseman (Magento, Psylocke, Storm, and Angel (AKA Archangel)). Each of the mutants besides Magento seems to simply be picked because they are there – they are the most accessible. These three characters could have been replaced by anyone or anything, you could have replaced anyone with a box of evil croutons and it wouldn’t have really changed any outcome of the movie. Why? because these characters don’t do anything they don’t actually matter. For example Psylocke’s primary role if the movie is to sherpa Apocalypse to mutants that are to become the horseman. She then only appears in the final “Battle”. Instead of this dribble, we should have been give characters that either we actually care if something happens to or Marvel should have created a deeper more fulfilling story for them pushing us to care about them (or hate them for being villains).
• Apocalypse himself, is a mutant of more talk than action. Its only until about the last 30 minutes of the movie that actually begins to fight. Remember this shot from the trailer (above). It shows Apocalypse pinning someone to ground as he grows to an immense size… this is just about the most “action” that he does in the entire movie – 90% of the rest of his “fight” is him standing his ground getting hit. I really wanted Bryan Singer to show off how much of a bad-ass this true villain really is/was. His fight you see in the trailer – is for the most part his entire fight.
I remember him being a complete badass in the early 90’s cartoon yes, he was even back then very vocal about letting everyone know how much better he was, that all others played a subservient role to him. But for good reason, they were. But, even back then, with all their powers combined (no Captain Planet didn’t show up) they only could trap him and that eventually he would be back. In the movie however, the idea that he is immortal let alone being one of the most powerful mutants who have ever lived in the Marvel Universe / one of the most powerful beings who have ever walked the face of the Earth is stripped away.
His defeat felt cheap (since it was only to usher in a new character / plot line via The Phoenix / The Phoenix Force). I would have much rather preferred a darker ending. One that leaves the question of the X-mens future in question instead we get a Full House – everything wraps itself up because the story needs closure.